Helio Chart

  •  CPU:
    • 4x ARM Cortex-A17™  +  4x Cortex-A7™ CPUs
      • ASP (average selling price) 30 USD
        • ARMv7 big.LITTLE™ architecture
        • 28 nm manufactured, 32Bit architecture
        • HKMG high-κ dielectric metal gate
          • next gen manufactured mode
        • A17 > 2MB L2 cache and A7 > 512KB L2 cache
        • 32 KB L1 I-cahe and 32 KB L1 D-cache
        • NEON multimedia processing engine with SIMDv2 / VPPv4 ISA support
        • MT6595T
          • 4x A17 2.5 GHz
          • 4x A7   = 2.0 GHz
          • AnTuTu 5 =  62.000 ?  1080p )
        • MT6595
          • 4x A17 = 2.2 GHz
          • 4x A7   = 1.7 GHz
          • AnTuTu 5 =  52.000  !  1080p ) 
        • MT6595M
          • 4x A17 2.0 GHz
          • 4x A7   = 1.5 GHz
          • AnTuTu 5 =  46.000 !  1080p )
      • NOTE:
        • Buy ONLY MT6595 That scores those above !
        • Lower score means that MT6595 has been Crippled  many % !
        • The MT6595 first rev are based on A15 and NOT A17
        • Again if the SCORE is NOT MATCHED as ABOVE THEN DO NOT BUY that device as it is NOT GENUINE!
    • GPU:
      • PowerVR™ Rogue Series 6200 MP2
        • 2 Cores / 2 Clusters
        • Freq:
          • 750 mhz for MT6595T
          • 600 mhz for MT6595
          • 450 mhz for MT6595M
        • DirectX10.0 + EGL 3.1 + OpenGL 3.2 + OpenVG 1.1
        • OpenCL 1.2
          • NOTE: in order for OpenCL to work must have these libs liboclcompiler.so, libPVROCL.so and OpenCL.so
          • since OpenCL on Android is NOT Official, then it wont work, so expect the files above to be missing...... 
        • Renderscript + Filterscript
        • Texture compression:
          • ASTC, PVRTC3, DXTn
        • 28 nm
        • 128 Bit bus width
        • 32 Simd lane  
        • GFLOPS:
          • FP32 = 76.8
          • FP16 = 115.2
        • Fillrate:
          • 2.4 G/s Pixels
          • 2.4 G/s Texels
      • NOTE: 
        • GPU 6200 is a Very WEAK GPU !
        • expect more powerful GPU on 2015 with MALI-T760 !
    • Multimedia:
      • H.265 / HEVC Ultra HD (4K2K) video encode & decode at 30 fps
        • 4K = 3840 x 2160 > 2160p
        • 2K = 2560 x 1440 > 1440p
        • low-power hardware support
      • H.264 & VP9 Ultra HD video encode & decode at 60 fps
      • 20MP camera capability
      • 3D Video Format Cameras Recording (Optional)
        • video record in 3D with two cameras 
      • WQXGA (2560 x 1600) High-Definition display controller
      • FM Radio with RDS
      • TV/OUT via MHL 2.0 with 7.1 channel (audio) for MHL output
      • 120Hz mobile display with Response Time Enhancement Technology
        • build with *made in* JAPAN TEAM help
      • 480fps 1080p Full HD Super-Slow Motion video feature
      • electronic image/video stabilization
      • auto sensor defect pixel correction 
      • HW JPEG encoder: Baseline encoding with 300M pixel/sec
      •  NOTE:
        • With MT6595 the Videos will be recorded in standard H.265 (HEVC)
        • Intel Broadwell don't support this in HW run only in Hybrid mode
        • For now H.265 (HEVC) is NOT so supported as it will take some more time for it to HW & SW apps to appear 
      • VIDEO:
        • Decoder:
          • H.265 (HEVC) 4k2k @ 30fps
          • H.264 Baseline/Main/High profile 4k2k @ 30fps/40MBps
          • VC-1 1080p @ 60fps/20MBps
          • VP9 1080p @ 30fps (SW)
          • VP8 1080p @ 60fps/6MBps 
          • H.263 Sorenson 1080p @ 60fps/40MBps 
          • MPEG-4 SP/ASP 1080p @ 60fps/40MBps 
          • DIVX4/DIVX5/DIVX6/DIVX HD/XVID 1080p@60fps/40MBps
        • Encoder:
          • H.265 (HEVC) Main profile 4k2k @ 30fps
          • H.264 High profile 1080p @ 60fps 
          • MPEG-4 Simple profile 1080p @ 30fps (SW) 
          • H.263 1080p @ 30fps (SW) 
      • Audio:
        • 24-bit 192 kHz Hi-Fi HQ audio codec 
        • 110dB SNR head phone (DAC) digital-to-analogue converter 
        • audio post-processing tech:
          • BesLoudness (MB-DRC)
          • BesSurround
          • Android built-in post processing 
        • Audio encode: AMR-NB, AMR-WB, AAC, OGG, ADPCM 
        • Audio decode: WAV, MP3, MP2, AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MIDI, Vorbis, APE, AAC-plus v1/v2, FLAC, WMA, ADPCM  
        • 4-band IIR compensation filter to enhance loudspeaker responses  
        • Interfaces: I2S, PCM 
        • Voice wakeup  
        • polyphonic ringtones
        • Connectivity:
          • USB 3.0 Super Speed
          • USB 2.0 (high speed dual mode supporting)
          • eMMC 5.0 up to 400MB/s  (Read/Write Internal Storage)
          • OTG  (USB on the go)
          • NFC
          • 4 UARTs for external devices and debugging interfaces
          • SPI master for external devices
          • I2S master output and master/slave input for connection with optional external hi-end audio codec 
          • GPIOs
          • 4 sets of memory card controller supporting
            SD/SDHC/MS/MSPRO/MMC and SDIO2.0/3.0 protocols
        • RAM: 
          • Up to 4GB Dual Channel LP-DDR3 Memory at 1866MHz
          • 32-bit dual-channel, 14.9 GB/sec
            • self-refresh/partial self-refresh mode
            • low-power operation
            • supports dual rank memory device
            • programmable slew rate for memory controller's IO pads
            • advanced bandwidth arbitration control
        • MODEM:
            • ARM Cortex-R4 800 MHz processor , DSP, and 2G and 3G coprocessors
              • 64KB I-cache, 64KB D-cache
              • 512KB TCM (tightly-copled memory)
              • Coresonic DSP for running LTE modem tasks, with maximum 300MHz
              • FD216 DSP for running modem/voice tasks, with maximum 250MHz
              • High-performance AXI and AHB bus
              • General DMA engine and dedicated DMA channels for peripheral data transfer
              • Watchdog timer for system error gating recovery
              • Power management for clock gating control
            • Modem Features:
              • LTE:
                • FDD 4G LTE Multi-Mode Modem Rel. 9, Cat 4 150Mbits/s down and 50Mbits/s up
                • TDD (China Only) LTE  61Mbits/s down and 18Mbits/s up
                • 1.4 to 20 MHz RF bandwith
                • 2 x 2 downlink SU-MIMO; 4 x 2downlink SU-MIMO
                • IPv6, QoS
                • Inter-RAT capabilities with HSPA+, EDGE, and applicable backword-compatible modes
                • SNOW3G/ZUC cipher offload engine
              • 4G & 3G UMTS FDD supported features
                • DC-HSDPA+,  Cat 24, 42Mbits/s downlink 
                • HSUPA, Cat 7, 11Mbit/s uplink
                • 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 
                • 3G WCDMA  850/900/1900/2100MHZ 
                • 4G FDD-LTE 1800/2100/2600MHz
                • CMCC 3G/4G 
                • EDGE, GPRS Class 12 for legacy 2G/3G networks 
                • 30+ Freq 3GPP RF bands support worldwide
                • Fast dormancy
                • ETWS
                • Network selection enhancements
              • Radio interface and baseband front-end
                • High dynamic range delta-sigma ADC converts the downlink analog I and Q signals to digital baseband
                • 10-bit D/A converter for Automatic Power Control (APC)
                • Programmable radio Rx filter with adaptive gain control
                • Dedicated Rx filter for FB acquisition
                • Baseband Parallel Interface (BPI) with programmable driving strenght
                • Supports multi-band
              • Speech & modem and voice CODEC:
                • Codec (FR, HR, EFR, AMR FR, AMR HR and Wide-band AMR)
                • CTM
                • Dual-MIC noise cancelattion
                • Echo cancelattion & surppression
                • MULTI-MIC input (up to 4 MIC's)
                • Advanced sidetone oscilation reduction
                • Digital sidetone generator with programmable gain
                • Two programmable acoustic compensation filters
                • GSM quad vocoders for adaptive multirate (AMR), enhanced full rate (EFR), full rate (FR) and half rate (HR)
                • GSM channel coding, equalization and A5/1, A5/2 and A5/3 ciphering
                • GPRS GEA1, GEA2 and GEA3 ciphering
                • Handset mode ANC (active noise reduction)
                • Multi-MIC noise cancelattion
                • voice tracking
                • sound recording w/t Wind Noise Rejection
            • GPS:  
              • Integrated:
                • GPS - Global Positioning System USA
                • Galileo - European Space Agency (ESA)
                • GLONASS - Russian Federal Space Agency
                • Beidou - Chinese satellite navigation system
                • QZSS - Japan Quasi-Zenith Satellite System 
              • Multi-GNSS positioning systems
                • improving accuracy, reliability, and availability
              • tri-band GPS
              • A-GPS with EPO Assistance, QuickGPS, Geotagging
              • WiFi:
                • dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
                • advanced Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast support
                • 5 GHz & 2.4 Ghz
                • 433 Mbit/s
                • IEEE 802.11ac ( becomes standard in/from 2015 )
                  • Mobile applications now demand more bandwidth
                    • H.265 Stream
                    • Video and voice applications have increased the demand for pervasive bandwidth…everywhere
                  • Wider channel support
                    • 802.11ac mandates support of 80MHz wide channels with optional 160MHz wide channels to achieve higher data rates than are achieved with 802.11n
                    • Channel Width
                      # Spatial Streams20 MHz40 MHz80 MHz160 MHz
                      186 Mbps200 Mbps433 Mbps866 Mbps
                      2173 Mbps400 Mbps866 Mbps1.73 Gbps
                      3288.9 Mbps600 Mbps1.3 Gbps2.34 Gbps
                      4346.7 Mbps800 Mbps1.73 Gbps3.46 Gbps
                  • Denser amplitude modulation
                    • 256-QAM - four times denser than 802.11n further increasing the bit rate density achieved by 802.11ac
                  • More spatial streams
                    • up to eight spatial streams, further increasing the data rate for each radio.
                  • Beamforming to fortify RF connections
                    • increases reliability of the AP/client link
                  • Multi-user MIMO
                    • supports simultaneous transmissions to multiple clients and maximizes RF band utilization. Up to four distinct clients can receive data simultaneously from a single AP at full channel data rate
              • Bluetooth:
                • 4.1
                • 100 m max range
                • 1 Mbit/s Over the air data rate
                • Bluetooth LE and ANT+
                  • This allows for it to be used for general fitness tasks, medical and remote control functions, interoperable collection and transfer of sensor data as well as the integration of remote control systems such as indoor lighting, phone control, etc. Several main focuses of operation include sportwellnesshome care and remote control. It can be used for data-transfer for a number of devices:
              • Features:
                • ARM TrustZone
                • MediaTek ClearMotion™ technology eliminates motion jitter and ensures smooth video playback at 60fps on mobile devices
                • MediaTek MiraVision™ technology for DTV-grade picture quality
                • MediaTek CorePilot™ heterogeneous multiprocessing technology which unlocks the full power of all eight processors for outstanding performance with ultra-low power consumption
                • MediaTek Pump Express
                  • By cutting typical recharge times by up to 50% !
                  • Pump ExpressTM  technology is available in two forms to suit different battery capacities.  Pump ExpressTM is designed for DC wall chargers with an output of less than 10W (5V), while Pump ExpressTM Plus is for chargers with an output of 15W or more (up to 12V).
                • MediaTek Multi-mode wireless battery charging supported by MediaTek’s companion multi-mode wireless power receiver IC
                • Enables Over 600PPi on a 5-inch display
                • SDCARD Slot
                  • NOTE: for sdcard is recommended an class 10 sdcard
                    • an class 10 with minimum
                      • 50 mbs read
                      • 25 mbs write
                  • lower class than class 10 it will Lag the Device !
                • dual sim support with Unlocked Service Provider
              • Operating conditions:
                • core voltage: 1.0V 
                • processor DVFS+SRAM tech with adaptive voltage from 0.8V to 1.15V
                  (typ. 1.0V; sleep mode 0.7V) 
                • I/O voltage: 1.8V/2.8V/3.3V
                • Memory: 1.2V
                • LCM interface: 1.8V 
                • Clock source: 26-MHz, 32.768-Khz


              MediaTek HELIO X20
              Hisilicon Kirin 950
              Samsung Exynos 8 (8890)  &  Exynos 7 (7420)
              Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 810, 615 & 410
              nVidia Tegra K1
              Intel Atom Z3580
              MediaTek 6752, 6732 & HELIO X10

              NOTE: This is ONLY AnTuTu v5.71 !
              AnTuTu 6 results are way, way higher than AnTuTu 5 !


              NOTE: You can use the bellow specs as Email Question for the 
              Device Manufacturer Company, to check if the device
               You want to buy is an Real Smartphone or NOT !

              Hi Jiayu Team,

              Some questions for .. , regarding this device mentioned here .. .

              Please responde with correctitude.
              Thank U!
              • The ALL Firmare Files are/is Virus Free ?!
                • meaning NO spyware,trojan,backdoor on board (like Coolpad, HDC, ThL) ?
              • The Rear & Front Camera's & are by chance PANASONIC Lumix ?!
                • support in HW the OIS image stabilisation ?!
                • rear camera has 2 (dual,double) Flash LED'S ?!
              • Audio is it HiFi by DiracHD, NX maybe YAMAHA, and how is the quality ?!
                • has 2 (Double) Stereo Speakers, HighSound HQ ?!
              • Have the front "properties,home and return" touch buttons with background light?
              • OTG usb on the go support for (external HDD, PEN STICK, Mouse) ?
                • also the OS will support NTFS & exFAT format ?!
                • or do i have to format 1000 MB HDD to crappy FAT32 ?!
                • also the FAT32 can't read files over 4GB, what about that, is it not important to customers ?!
              • What is the SAR (Specific Absortion Rate) Level is it below 0.17 ?!
              • eMMC 5.0 internal storage, what is the REAL READ/WRITE SPEED ?  (ex: 10MB/s or 400MB/s ?)
              • screen is plastic or does it have Gorilla Glass or AHASi Dragon Trail X Glass ?
              • how about Metal Frame or Full Metal Alloy Body or is it IronMan made of Plastic ?
              • BT 4.1 + Le + Ant+ ?
              • NFC, HOTKNOT ?
              • is bootloader unlocked for easy rom change ?
              • have MHL or HDMi TV/OUT via cable support with 5.1 Audio channels and also by WiFi Miracast ?
              • what is the Real size of Battery like 4000mha or more ?
                • how about MediaTek Pump Express™ aka FastCharge technique (phone,battery,charger) ?
                • what is the REAL time for battery charging from 0%-100% ?
              • does it have IR port for remote controlling the air conditioner, tv, vcr, hifi, dvd and so on ?
              • OpenCL have all the files in /system/lib ?
              • does it have recording in SuperSlow Motion 480fps on 1080p ?
                • how about Video 30fps Encoder/Decoder with HEVC/H.265, 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p ?
                • H.264, 1080p, 720p at 240fps, 120pfs, 60fps Encoder/Decoder ?
              • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ?
              • the memory is it single channel or double channel, what is the clock in MHz ? (ex: 800mhz ?)
              • the modem is the same MT6630 ARM-Cortex-R4 800MHz from MT6595 ?
              • the GPS have support too for the Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou and QZSS with Multi-GNSS ?
              • the WiFi is it 5GHz, dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac ?
              • the dual sim are 2 micro sim only, 2 normal sim slots or 1 micro & 1 normal ?
              • will be REAL DOWNLOAD support from Official Website with Android 5.x and 6.x OS
                • or will be adopted the Produce More Devices and Support None Technique ?
              • screenshot of AnTuTu with info page regarding Installed SENSORS
                • (like Direction, G-Sensor, Acceleration, Light, E-Compass, Proximity, Gyro, Temperature, Pressure, Ambient, Relative Humidity, Linear, Rotation)!
                • is/are there implemented options in Android OS to calibrate & configure the SENSORS (for G-sensor, proximity and so on.....) ?
              • does it have Call,SMS,MAIL Notification LED and is it RGB multi-colour ?
                • also the LED is BiG or Small
                • Small can't be seen, or noticed when receiving SMS, MMS, Emails or Phone Calls !
              • will be support like UPDATES for fixing IMPORTANT BUGS
                • in GPS,CAMERA,SCREEN TOUCH or future MODEM.img Updates for compatibility ?
              • SDCARD support and what is the max capacity ?
              • is support for 
                •  2G:GSM  850/900/1800/1900MHZ
                •  3G:WCDMA  850/900/1900/2100MHZ
                •  TD-LTE  2600Mhz
                • 4G:FDD-LTE 1800/2100/2600MHz ?
              • the rom will be good,stable and constant updated ?
                • (meaning if the team will HW & SW cripple deliberated from functions, functions that are already supported in SOC but DISABLED as default for us the users)
              • is the team going to apply the same marketing tricks:
                • "coming soon, when we have the......we will post it on our website, please check our news, we will email u"
                • or the abowe will be delayed till a new device will come out and the team will hope or don't care about their statements ?
                • or the team just want the users to update with a new device each year ?
                • (meaning that the team just want for it's users to update each year by buying a new device if possible)
              • the device will be heavy overpriced with 70% more than his real total per cost manufactured price ?!

              Thanks .. Team, and awaiting answers......

              Trusted and Real Review by Edi:
              Be sure to use some wisdom in today's days.
              The economy has been forced to grow with spending in mind, spending on everything.
              By spending every time, U eventually will get with a bunch of useless junk(s), and none of them will be enough or mature.
              That's the reason as the Company's are doing this with purpose to take Your money on overpriced "co-pro-ducks" and sell You almost nothing.
              Of course this might be hard to see as the mind being programmed by excessive publicity and market domination, it is quite impossible to realise that many fakes are selling as good's.
              Ok let's take an example, the MT6595 SOC by MediaTek.
              This SOC is very powerful, with many, many functions and extended functions that makes MT6595 powerful.
              Now some, almost all phone company makers will decide already that You the DAILY USER and their CUSTOMER will NOT NEED all of the powerful functions to be all ENABLED and WORKING.
              So the phone company's will CRIPPLE from MT6595 TRUE POTENTIAL an amount of his STRENGTH like/in % (procentage values) of 40%, 50% even 60%, and funny it will sell it as 100% with the same overpriced price.
              Well You will be happy that you have a MT6595, but also You WILL Discover or NOT in time that the MT6595 that You have is working without a percentage of 40%, 50% heck yes even 60% in MiNUS......
              So You will still be content that You own a MT6595  YES but CRIPPLED......
              Think About It......
              Now back 5 YEARS AGO ONLY 1%, 2% USERS NOTICED of this TRICK that Many Company's are LYING.
              Well TODAY'S DAYS this percentage of 1% and respective 2% has GROWN to 5% till 15% and that is GOOD and BEST as the DAILY USER is/has OPENED HIS EYES AND MIND to see that he/she is/are been fooled by Company's so called "co-pro-ducks" (This is applied WORLDWIDE).
              Now many people are asking additional info's before purchasing something, as they being fooled in the past...... now double care before buying something is the THE KEY TO WISDOM.

              Have a Happy Shopping......