Lollipop 5.1 LMY47D 
(rev MARCH 2016)   
Stock Based

  • Unique world's 1'st (first) innovative ROM that combines both OS and post OS configuration.
  • Advanced configuration reduces by 90% OS post config user interaction.
  • For both low & high end users, pro4all quality is assured directly from it.
  • It has vision and it will make u feel Real Good about it !
ROFuSiON takes care for U by self implementing the most common and most system os responsible settings and various configuration, by care and with knowledge already tested, these settings are being applied automatically for U.
This is Evolutionary and Till Common, Present Day it is The First One Who Does That !

ROFuSiON ......beyond comprehension     

  • De0dexed & Zipaligned
    • based / with the help from latest Android SDK
  • TWRP-Recovery v2.8.7.0
    • NTFS & exFAT
      • SDCARD    (full ntfs & exfat rw support)
      • USB OTG    (full ntfs & exfat rw support)
  • BusyBox
    • special pie multi call edition aarch64
  • RooT
    • Superuser by CWM
  • init.d
    • added support ONLY for tweaks script !
    • Due of SECURITY reasons i activated init.d ONLY for the "tweaks" script !
  • NTFS & exFAT
    • added rw full support for:
      • SDCARD
      • USB OTG
      • The NTFS & exFAT are Fully Operational from / within Settings.apk 
        • All aps can SEE and OPERATE with NTFS & exFAT (sdcard, usb otg !)
        • Can be chose for Default WRITE to ext sdcard or ext usb otg !
  • Service internet provider aka SiP CALLS
    • added internet Voice Calls via the default Phone app !
  • Total Commander ( Totalcmd ) + Plugins
    • the best file manager ever + extended plugins
    • FTP (file transfer)
    • LAN (Windows shares)
  • CALL & SMS  Block / Reject
    • added Call & SMS Block / Reject:
      • Private Numbers
      • Unknown Numbers
      • With or Without Notification !
  • CALL HQ Record
    • added all calls hq recorder with built in equalizer for voice distinction !
  • Added SiM Multi Ringtone
    • activated multi ringtone selection
    • aka select ringtone for SIM 1 & SIM 2 !
  • Volume boost - enhancement's
    • in call volume
    • speakers 
    • playing audio, video content
  • OS self cleanup
    • OS Self cleaning trash on every OS boot
      • self cleaning means that u will not have logs the size of 10 MB - 200 MB
  • GPU SystemUI HW Rendering
    • draw UI 2D with GPU
    • Better UI Responsiveness, Touch Screen Responsiveness, Better App Interaction
    • minimize the battery usage since on CPU rendering eats a lot more
    • Improved UI General Speed
  • Battery Saver Tweaks & Mod's
    • ROFuSiON is the Best Battery Friendly RoM for Jiayu 2GB Basic Edition
    • Best Apps Code Tweaks For Optimal Battery Endurance
    • DeepSleep Mode (WiFi+4G+3G Data+BT+2 Sim Card All ON/Enabled)
      • 0.07% battery drain per hour
    • DeepSleep Mode (WiFi+4G+3G Data+BT All OFF/Disabled and with 2 Sim Cards,1x (3G, 4G) ON/Enabled)
      • 0.11% battery drain per hour
    • the % is not always accurate as the user, U might install battery hungry background running apps
    • i am investigating more this but requires more time available and free for it 
    • the battery drain may vary from one Rev to another !
  • Voice Sound Recorder Added 192 KBps Quality on Profile High
    • Default was 128 KBps
  • Expanded ROFuSiON v5 attributes to 90% aprox
    • more work for me and less for U


  • ---------- ---------- Multimedia ! ---------- ----------

logo here 4 hevc / when available


  • Activated AAC 192 KBps for All Audio Profiles !
    • used to be up till 128 KBps !
  • Activated 48 kHz for All Audio Profiles !
  • Activated Full 100% Video Quality Compression !
    • used to be variable from 65% til 85% !
  • Force to Full 100% Foto Quality Compression !
    • for the variables that where 75%, 85% and 95% !
  • Activated H.264 AVC Profile 5.1 for Video Decoding !
    • used to be up till 4.1 !
  • Increased thumbs transcondings to 100% quality !
  • Added 16x Slow Motion !
    • 640x480 x 16x video recording & playback !
    • used to be 640x480 x 4x !
  • Framework forced to 100% image quality codings !
    • heavy framework mods !
Most Important:
Jiayu Lollipop ONLY !
Jiayu Has Multiple Settings Regarding Profiles,
for HD has Indoor, Outdoor & Normal Recordings 

Jiayu Lollipop Defaults: The Maximum Video BitRate is up to 60 MBps !

 I Downgraded from eXcessive 60 mbs to variable and maxim to 12 mbs
Now why i did that ?!
Well The PRO user know this trick.
The Other users well it must be eXplained with details.

The BitRate is locked to maximum 60 mbps for AVC/H.264 and this ONLY can be good if it was an Professional Camera, but it isn't so and 60 mbps is just and only marketing specs !

Now recording with/on 60 mbps in 1080p with an crappy camera is NOT GOOD, Really Not Good ! Higher data input more than he really need brings no quality at all !
The high 60 mbps data is helping on fast scene with loot's of movements and action. That's all.
For a device MT6752 like Jiayu 2GB BE the rate of UP TO 60 mbps it is an abuse.                                   
Well i can make it to Record on/with 80 mbps or even 100 mbps ! But really it won't help U out there on quality, so when most people goes up to many mbps, i reduce them to their Normal and Real values ! 
FiNAL conclusion is that this device need the standard, the maximum 12 mbps to encode 
1080p avc/h.264 and this is
Only for the users who know about video encoding !

I don't expect and i really don't care for the ones who think otherwise to understand !
So by downgrade from not necessary 60 mbps to 12 mbps it will be the same quality and the main advantage will be the enormous gain in space usage and more minutes to record on whatever u record in there.
Basic aprox calculation based on 10 min recording with profile on FiNE 1080p:
 Jiayu 2GB Edition or MT6752 up to 60 mbs encoding with H.264/AVC & AAC 128 KBps
1 min = 440 MB 
10 min = 4400 MB Required Space for 10 min

 RO.EDi up to 12 mbs encoding with H.264/AVC & AAC 192 KBps
1 min = 87 MB 
10 min = 870 MB Required Space for 10 min

Conclusion: gained 3500 MB of Free Space ! 

             Basic aprox calculation based on 10 min recording with profile on HiGH 720p:
 Jiayu 2GB Edition or MT6752 up to 18 mbs encoding with H.264/AVC & AAC 128 KBps
1 min = 140 MB 
10 min = 1400 MB Required Space for 10 min

 RO.EDi up to 12 mbs encoding with H.264/AVC & AAC 192 KBps
1 min = 87 MB 
10 min =  870 MB Required Space for 10 min

Conclusion: gained more than 500 MB of Free Space !
PS: Jiayu has cut the HEVC / H.265 Profile from rom. So i can't enable HEVC......for now...... 

  • 16x SLOWMOTiON 

A. Added 16x video playback & record !

NOTE: For the moment the 16x is available only for the 640 x 480 resolution !
in time i will see if possible to add it to  at least 1280 x 720 !

Record Uor Favorite Radio, Theatre, Music, Shows. in HD Quality
I don't know how many of u are listen radio, and when do it happens to play like uor favorite 
theatre, show, music and so on........
RO.EDi's alternative is HD Quality for Radio and supported by
AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) + 48 kHz + 192 KBps well u do the math !

Basic aprox calculation based on 1 min recording


MiraVisionTM provides the high-definition, fluid video playback you would expect from an HD.
This means crisp and smooth video during action scenes; a responsive touch display with no lag as you swipe from page to page, brightness and contrast controls that automatically adjust based on your environment. 
You'll be amazed at the clarity and responsiveness MiraVision provides.

Very, very useful to the ones who want to connect to the Car's Radio
via Jiayu 2GB BE and listen Music via Radio ......

 FM Transmitter will act as an Radio Station, so U can play music on Jiayu, then use this app to send Radio freq, freq that Any Radio (in Car, or in Home)
can pick it up and Listen ......
Cool !
Let's say U are in the Car, driving to work...... and suddenly remembered that U forgot at home the micro usb cable that connect device to in Car stereo,
 and U forgot too the SD Adaptor, even the USB PEN
now what ?!
Well FM Transmitter will help U connect device via Radio, so the in Car Stereo can pick it up as FM station and then play whatever U play from Jiayu !
Double Cool !



DTS Studio Sound is an advanced audio solution suite for all PHONE applications related to music, movies, streaming and games. Immersive surround with deep, rich bass and crystal clear dialog is delivered at maximum volume levels and without any fluctuations, clipping, or distortion. Speakers and technologies can be tuned for peak performance, and the user's provided with an intuitive interface providing presets for ease of use.

DTS Studio Sound Benefits:
  • Accurate placement of audio cues for immersive surround sound from any PHONE speaker configuration – stereo / mono speakers or headphones.
  • 3D audio rendering to match 3D video content.
  • Broad sweet spot with elevated sound image.
  • Improved volume output delivering maximum volume without creating clipping or distortion.
  • Dialog enhancement for clear and intelligible vocals.
  • Bass enhancement for rich, low frequency production.
  • Expanded sound field for mono/stereo playback.
  • Consistent volume level across content.
  • Custom tuned to the PHONE speakers (DTS expert engineering support).

DTS Studio Sound is a solution suite comprised of the most highly regarded DTS technologies. These include:
  • TruSurround HDx™
    • Utilizes HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) based signal processing and a variety of post processing techniques to create an immersive surround sound experience from two speakers
    • Virtual surround sound from two speakers, whether the input source be mono, stereo or multi-channel
    • Expands high frequencies to add missing brightness
    • Eliminates dead spots – creating a broad audio image
  • WOW HDx™
    •  Enhances sound stage for stereo and mono content
    • Significantly improves the performance of stereo music signals over internal speakers or headphones
    • Applies acoustic dipole and crosstalk interference theory to extend the sound images well past the borders of stereo speakers, creating an expansive and enveloping sound field
    • Retrieves information lost in the mixing process to create a more natural audio experience
    • Enhances high frequencies to ensure the resulting audio is clear and realistic
    • Dialog enhancement for clear and intelligible vocals

DTS HD Sound is a comprehensive audio solution for mobile entertainment, delivering a combination of unsurpassed entertainment for audio and video. With DTS HD Sound, the device can be tuned for peak performance so consumers can enjoy an expanded stereo image and maximum volume from internal speakers and an immersive virtual surround sound experience over headphones. To complete the audio experience, post processing techniques are implemented to restore rich detail lost during the compression process, provide bass enhancement and to deliver maximum and level volume across content. 
SRS WOW HD improves the dynamic audio performance of compressed and uncompressed audio by expanding the size of the audio image and creating a deep, rich bass response. The patented techniques in SRS WOW HD widen the horizontal sound field and raise the vertical sound image, retrieving information lost in the mixing process to create a more natural audio experience.
DTS HD Sound Benefits:
  • Expands the sound image in both the horizontal and vertical planes beyond the physical speaker limitations.
  • Realistic placement of audio cues for immersive surround sound over headphones.
  • Restores audio cues lost during the compression process.
  • Optimized low frequency performance for better bass response.
  • Improved volume output delivering maximum volumes and consistent volumes across content without creating clipping or distortion.
  • Custom tuned to mobile device.
SRS WOW HD Features:
  • Stereo enhancement which improves dynamic audio performance.
  • Sculpted bass response for maximum thump on small speakers.
  • More natural audio with a wider sound field and raised sound image.
  • High-definition control for realistic clarity.
  • Center control for dynamic extraction and positioning of dialog.


Dolby Atmos creates an amazing mobile headphone experience with breathtaking, 
moving audio sound that flows all around you.
  • Surround Virtualizer
    • creates a surround sound experience through headphones or built-in speakers.
  • Dialogue Enhancer 
    • ensures that every word is heard.
  • Volume Leveler
    • maintains constant volume across all content and applications.
  • Intelligent Equalizer
    • dynamically adjusts the audio to achieve the tone you want.
  • Dolby Digital Pass-Through
    • lets you connect your device directly to a home theater for a full surround sound experience.
  • Dolby Atmos Benefits:
  • Delivers amazing sound that transforms the mobile headphone experience
    • Sound seems to come from all directions, including overhead, with astonishing clarity, richness, power, and depth.
  • Puts sounds into motion above and around you
    • When you put on your headphones, the sounds of people, places, things, and music seem to move all around you, so you feel like you’re inside the action.
  • Creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience
    • It’s sound that excites your senses and inspires your emotions to deliver the full impact of entertainment.

  •  NOTE:
      • REASON:
        • BY doing this, it will be WAY FASTER ON RESPONSE and SYSTEM LITE TOO ........ !


MaxxAudio is a suite of advanced audio enhancement tools from Waves that brings award-winning technologies to consumer electronics devices.
MaxxAudio offers end-users unparalleled sound performance, whether they're playing a game, watching a movie, listening to music, or using online voice communication.
With clearer highs, enhanced bass, and increased volume, MaxxAudio provides a better listening experience on any device, whether it's a PC, TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
Now, what sounded great in the studio will sound great on the go.

  • MaxxEQ™ Full Spectrum Equalization
    • A full spectrum 10-band equalizer, MaxxEQ graphic equalization is perfect for all types of content, from streaming media and movies to music and games. With MaxxEQ, it's never been easier to customize your sound, frequency by frequency. Inspired by Waves pro audio Renaissance EQ and Waves Q10 (a TEC Hall of Fame inductee), MaxxEQ gives you the power to design EQ curves and shape your frequency response with accuracy and ease, using up to 10 programmable filters with bell, shelf, low pass, and high pass, plus adjustable frequency, gain, and Q parameters. Just like its professional counterparts, MaxxEQ's intuitive paragraphic user interface makes click-and-drag filter design quick and simple ù for developers and end-users alike.
  • MaxxBass® Psycho-Acoustic Bass Enhancement
    • MaxxBass patented bass enhancement uses the science of psycho-acoustics to deliver deep, thundering lows you can really feel. Whether you're listening on a laptop or watching TV, MaxxBass delivers the low frequency impact that makes the music come alive. In fact, MaxxBass acts as a virtual subwoofer, enabling manufacturers to create devices with ever-smaller speaker components, while maintaining and even extending low end performance.Based on the same Waves MaxxBass professional audio technology used in recording studios and post production facilities, the next-generation MaxxBass for consumer electronics features parallel MaxxBass processes that work in tandem, delivering more low frequency detail with less low mid-range noise. This results in a significantly more realistic bass feeling, as it continuously takes into consideration the capabilities of the reproduction system, and adjusts its output accordingly.
  • MaxxTreble™ Crystal-Clear High Frequencies
    • MaxxTreble high-frequency enhancement lets you hear every nuance of your music and movies, with crisp, breathtaking detail and unparalleled clarity.
    • Based on the acclaimed professional Waves C1 Compressor/Expander, MaxxTreble applies a powerful, customizable combination of equalization and parallel high-level compression to the selected frequency range between 500 Hz and 20 kHz. The end result is a crystal-clear sound experience, so you can reach those highest highs, with increased RMS levels that don't exceed your system ceiling.
  • MaxxDialog™ Intuitive Dialog Booster
    • Normal home playback levels and smaller loudspeakers often result in a feeling that dialogue is too quiet, while music and sound effects are annoyingly loud. MaxxDialog identifies "center" (mono) information and allows the end user to adjust its level independently, resulting in clear, crisp dialog that doesn't vanish behind loud music and effects.
  • MaxxVolume® All-in-One Dynamics Conditioning
    • MaxxVolume delivers maximum levels and clarity without distortion, perfect for TV, movies, music and games, as well as critical online communications where you need to hear clearly with natural voice quality. Using acoustic modeling, MaxxVolume calculates not only the signal being fed to the loudspeakers, but the real volume heard by the listener as well.
  •  NOTE:
      • REASON:
        • BY doing this, it will be WAY FASTER ON RESPONSE and SYSTEM LITE TOO ........ !




      • Mx Player Plus
        • No Ads !
        • DTS + AC3 + DOLBY built in the latest FFMPEG Codec !

    • ---------- ---------- Tools ! ---------- ----------
    ROFuSiON Quick Toggles !

    Proudly RO.EDi Present's the:


    • Sync
      • no need for presentation  anymore !
    • Volume Panel
      • manage master sound volumes
    • Battery Saver
      • activate default lollipop battery saver tech
    • USB Tethering Internet via DATA or WiFi
      • best to use this one !
      • and with Firewall by AVAST is PERFECT !
    • USB ADB Tethering Internet via DATA or WiFi
      • adb is slower than normal USB only
    • Compass
      • quickly display compass position
    • Recovery
      • reboot to / into TWRP Recovery !
    • Reboot
      • reboot the device
    • Screen Recorder
      • video record of your screen
      • all video recording are going to /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots
        • Operate:
          • a. quick press toggle for instant record
          • b. long press toggle for open recording
    • Play
      • quickly play & pause, pause & play music
    • Screen Shot
      • screenshot captures of your screen
      • all screenshots are going to /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots
        • Operate:
          • a. quick press toggle for instant screenshot
          • b. long press toggle for open screenshot
    • System Stats
      • quick display info about:
        • cpu usage
          • deep sleep
        • network speed
          • download
          • upload
        • memory available
        • rom, rev, author (me)......
    • Keep Awake
      • quick keep the screen ON
        • useful when u don't want to touch the screen to stay on
        • or u don't have to go anymore to display to change the time
    Many Toggles has Double Function per Toggle !

    ex: if U want to reboot phone to Recovery, press once the Reboot toggle to auto swith by itself from Reboot into Recovery !
    Then Longpress on Recovery toggle for the device to initiate Reboot into Recovery Mode !

    Why i didn't add anymore the reboot to recovery on power menu, well let's just say that operating from Quick Toggles is more practical and more Touch screen it will protect Your Buttons !
    Meaning that the Reboot to Recovery from power menu 
    is on everybody's hand's and this is NOT GOOD as everyone can access the device !
    But NOW from Quick Toggles is more SECURE !

    For the Each/Other Toggles U must discover by Yourself how it works !
    U will soon learn them all !



    World's 1'st
    Advanced TaskManager !

    Close All Running Tasks At Once from a single button !

    This is very, very handy !
    In Lollipop, Google made a lot's of mistakes, one of them is the LongPressHomeButton, that will lead us to TaskManager !
    Now as U already NOTiCE that when running for ex: 50 Apps, 
    they All stay There even after countless reboot's..........
    U can close them by Google's Default Mind, One by One (meaning only one by time)
    Now this will requires a Loooooot of time for doing this !
    It is a Bad Thing invented by Google !

    Now RO.EDi comes to the Rescue, and introduced 

              MEDIATEK          CODE

    • Removed entirely the persistent Google CRAZY Search Bar from Task Manager.
    • Reorganized sizes of recent apps !
    • Added:
      • A. CPU:
        • Real Time USAGE of the x8 Cores !
        • Temperature in Celsius !
      • B. NET:
        • Download speed !
        • Uploud speed !
      • C. RAM:
        •  Free & Total Available !
      • D. BATTERY:
        • Total capacity available / remaining !
        • Temperature in Celsius !
        • mV Total Charging / Discharging Percentage V !
      • E. UP TiME:
        • Show time since device has initiated / started ! 
    Isn't this just great ?!




    • In Task Manager:
    • When ROTATED in LANDSCAPE MODE U will notice eXtras: 
    • Added:
      • A. Games Booster Tweak by RO.EDi:
        • Enable
          • it will enable the tweak !
          • U will gain eXtra REAL over 2000 point's in AnTuTu !
          • U will gain eXtra REAL up to MAX 9 FPS per 3D GAME (s) !
        • Disabled
          • it will Revert to Normal !

      • Other Tweaks are under construction !
      • More Tweaks to be implemented ASAP !

    • ---------- -- Security & Protection ! -- ---------


      • Increased INTERNET SECURITY ! 
        • added extra protection layer as:
          • Block:
            • Ip Echo No Reply
              • (this one makes the device almost invisible on the net)
            • Automatic Block and Close & Flush of BAD connections coming from BAD websites
            • Syn Attacks
            • Adds, Popups & Nags
            • Adult websites & content
            • Automatic Redirections to Dangerous and Malicious Websites
            • Automatic Download of Malware Contain
            • Viewing of Untrusted and Vicious Websites with Bad Reputation
            • Data Theft from Uor Device by Certain Websites and Apps
            • Additional:
              • Browser is now much safer and much faster when page loading, surfer !
              • Protection of All Above is/are applied also when U are using the device in Thethering mode with Avast Firewall ENABLED and USB to PC, WiFi and so on......
              • All devices that are receiving NET trough uor device will all be Protected......


    • Firewall:
      • ROFuSiON ROM use AVAST The World's BEST Firewall Available for Android !
      • Firewall by AVAST is the Unique !

    Now as some already NOTiCED (or NOT), the new Avast 5.x version

    has NO Firewall, whatsoever !

    Why, well just 'couse Google had, has spoke with Avast Team,

    for the main reason that the Avast Firewall was blocking ALL the ADS app's !

    Now Google don't want and for sure don't love the Firewall in Android !

    So Avast had to comply, otherwise Google will delete their app from PlayMarket !

     Now working on/with Android OS, without having a Firewall INSTALLED is as bad as can be !

    With Firewall U are protected from Hackers, Malware, Scam, Phising, 

    Private Data Theft like 
    Passwords of Bank, eMAIL and so on......

    More the Firewall selects what app has or NOT access to the internet !

    Just an quick example:

    When U install an unknown app or game from unknown sources, 

    or even from Google Play Market  

    ( If U are thinking that the App's from Play Market are ALL SAFE,
    then U are Real, Real Stupid & Dumb,
    mostly because some company has brainwashed U,
     Don't worry in these days is just common sense )

    So the Firewall can and will protect U from:
    a.  unauthorized  income & outcome access
    b.  hackers
    c.  personal data theft
    d.  and more, more than U can imagine !

    This version of Avast Mobile Security has been improved by ro.edi
    includes:  Extra Security  +  More Available Functions  &  Lite
      + Fully Functional Database Update ! 
    excludes:  - removed internal Avast data spy collect & send to Avast
    - removed internal Ads by Google
    - removed other internal bad, bad code ! 


    World's 1'st Rom that provide iMEi's Protection (for Sim 1 & Sim 2 in order to work)
    iMEi Protection, on default install ROFuSiON rom from TWRP Recovery
    ROFuSiON Rom is the Only One who provides IMEi Protection
    when installing rom from Recovery
    So no need to worry anymore for loosing Imei's after installing ROFuSiON Rom !

    I can't say the same for other rom's out there !

    • APP OPPS


    Manage App Permissions !
    Master uor device with Extra Security Features !

    A. Activated Default / Internal Android 5.x App Opps !
    B. ADDED MORE, MORE PERMISSIONS than original Android 5.1 has / had !

    Well Google Services or any other app is trouble for U ?!
    Now NO MORE thanks to this U can SET per app what to do or not !

    EX: The Keep awake aka (wakelocks) is NOT letting your device to go to sleep ?!
    Now this won't be a problem anymore, thanks to ROFuSiON rom !

    Use Google to Disable Google !



    CWM Superuser is Optimized for ROFuSiON V5 Jiayu 2GB BE Lollipop arm64
    as already explained the Best Superuser was and is Superuser by CWM !
    It is the Only one who has almost 0 (zero) delay on "su" commands !


    • NOTES:
      • A. Root is dangerous to any OS !
        • ROFuSiON ROOT eXtra Security Increased !
          • AUTO DENY and AUTO CLOSE by default any requests for root from unknown app's !
          • PiN CODE set for advanced secure access !
          • Secure ROOT !

    Superuser by CWM is way more simple but more powerful than SuperSU !

    Superuser by CWM 
    is 100% more safe than SuperSU and does NOT affect OS System Speed as SuperSU !

    The SuperSU is NOT to be used as past 2.52 version has going crazy,
    by deep hack the OS itself, by hooking into the every, every command that is running !
    It deep hooks the main process and this is just crazy and very, very DANGEROUS !
    As everything is just passing through him !
    This is NUT'S and CRAZY !
    Warning !

    The SuperSU is affecting NOT ONLY the speed of the entire OS
    but also it has VERY negative effects on INTERNET SPEED, WiFi or DATA !
    The SuperSU has become dangerous for ROOT !

    My honest opinion based on knowledge is to AVOiD using SuperSU above v2.52 !


    Asus Secure Browser
    Micro Trend secure protection & ADBLOCK Plus !
    In ROFuSiON rom the Asus Secure Browser has been modified
    for eXtra increased protection by removing the some Calls to Asus within the Browser.
    And more another code internal modifications regarding some other security issues !
    So the Asus Secure Browser has been molded for Jiayu 2GB BE Project,
    with added eXtra Security Increased !
     Well it will Block, YES Block over 99% of world's ADS & Pop ups !
    So from now on U will be able to browse free on web, with increased security
    malware & phising,
    more even on heavely ADS websites without being anymore bombarded with SHiT ADS !
    So say bye bye to ADS !
    Thank U ASUS Team for World's Best Android Browser !

    • --------- -------- Optimizations ! ---------- ------

    SDCARD & OTG Mount USB HDD, SSD, SD or STiCK PEN's formated in exFAT or NTFS !

    tHE external SDCARD  (regarding of his format NTFS, exFAT or FAT32) 

    NOTE: the NTFS & exFAT is integrated, and ALL the OS APP'S will OPERATE and USE IT !



    Partition of the 
    ROFuSiON rom by adding an extra of 1GB free space for internal SDCARD !

    Well ROFuSiON rom is Deodexed and that means that the system as comed by default with 2GB of space is just being wasted on Deodexed edition.

    So Repartitioning the rom to optimize all the available free space, and for the Free Space to be Redirected where it need it to be, for SDCARD !

    Of course i can repartition the DATA available fro the installed apps !
    From 2GB to 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, or even 12GB !
    But the default 2GB for install apps it is enough for the pro and average user !

    As the ROFuSiON rom is mostly used by non gamer persons !
    So i won't make the DATA bigger just for the fun of GAMES !

    • GooglPATCHED by RO.EDi

    The ROFuSiON Rom Patched Google PlayStore Market & Play Services !


    Well the above two are the ONLY ones that are well know for Updating on BACKGROUND, and no matter what U do, the above apps will continue to SELF AUTO UPDATE by THEMSELF !

    Now this action is not welcome for pro-average users, as no one have control above the update procedures !

    And why Google don't allow it's users to control the AUTO SELF updating of 
    Google PlayStore Market  &  Google Play Services ?!

    Well the Google Play Services all code is bigger than the whole 
    FRAMEWORK all combined together code of Jiayu 2GB BE !
    So this is just crazy and scary too to see an app like Play Services with 500 MB in codes, codes that are operating mostly in Background and Silently too.

    Well monitoring Play Services revealed the thirst for Location all the time !
    And this will hog the device, draining the battery faster and maybe a bit of spy on the device owner !

    When working on optimization on ROFuSiON ROM, 
    the Google Play Services and Market always tried to self auto update, every time
    i tried to connect the device on net without the AVAST FiREWALL !
    Now this actions made me crazy as i couldn't control the Google Self Auto Update Authority !
    Is it really necessary that the Google PlayStore Market & Google Services 
    to be self auto updated on every 2 weeks ?!

    What for, for those to become every time bigger and bigger, and soon to have the size of an entire OS ?!

    Isn't enough the tens of  thousands of users that are complaining about those to Google ?!

    Isn't enough the updated versions to cripple the device and most of the installed aps good functionality ?!

    What is happening on / with Google ?!
    So the Google Services can be Hooked by Mallware and the device can be exposed !
    The Google Services can transmit data from uor device to unknown destinations, as even the SELinux Forced ON is **** and useless in this case !

    More the SELF AUTO UPDATING on Apps will bring to most, some of them
    crippled functions, or bad behavior, as the newly updated app sometime reduces from use to have functions, or simply just add new functions like ADDS !
    SO for sure the daily user don't want this at all !

    And of course what is missing from Google Play Store Market it will be an OPTION to HiDE what THE USER don't want to UPDATE !

    Now more can be said, but it is time for action and here we go to facts !
    ROFuSiON ROM has build in Google Play Store Market and Google Play Services !

    Now those are PATCHED by RO.EDi and this means !

    • Google Play Store Market  &  Google Play Services
      • Disabled SELF AUTO UPDATED on BOTH behind our back !
        • disabled installed apps auto update as well !
      • Patched with ORiGiNAL Google License Verification Signature KEY !
        • 100% safe patch by RO.EDi !
        • so all the Licensed Aps will work as normal !
        • no integrity compromised !
        • fully working and functional, no FC or bugs after patch !
        • preserved all the compatibility for apps !

    • for Non Google Or Google Edition of ROFuSiON Rom !


    The ROFuSiON Rom includes a second version as No Google Edition !

    This will make the original Rom to work with 
    (minus) - 500 mb of Google Code in Google Play Store & Google Services !

    Now normally the YouTube won't work without Google PLAY Services installed !

    In ROFuSiON Rom The Non Google Or Google Edition
    the PATCHED YouTube by RO.EDi 
    will work
    Without or  With 
    Google Play Services !

    And more if You don't use them and still want to keep 
    Google Play Store Market & Google Play Services in phone
    and still use YouTube, then U can do and use The Freeze both
     Google Play Store Market & Google Play Services
    app from Settings !
    remember the Patched YouTube will work on both Non & Or Google Edition !

    • ---------- -------- Calls & SMS ! --------- -------
    SMS  &  MMS 

    World's 1'st
    Android 5.1 SMS / MMS REAL FiX,
    Fix That didn't came from Google Company or Jiayu !

    A. BUG Fixed, NOW REAL SMS Income & Outcome WORKS !


    This was an common BUG on Android 5.1 !

    Where SMS outcome or income didn't work sometime, or at all !

    ROFuSiON ROM is the ONLY ONE who took care and fixed this Google PRO-blem !

    Now don't matter anymore if U format or wipe DATA for 1000 times consecutive !

    THE SMS will work ALWAYS in ROFuSiON ROM ! 

    i can't say the same for other rom's out there !

    • CALL & SMS REJECT  ( Blacklist BLOCK )


    Select an Block List with Unwanted Calls !
    with The Most Advanced app build in Android ROFuSiON Framework Code !

    Block Incoming Unknown or Private Call or Sms !
    With or without Notification !
    No More Stress !

    No More Unwanted Calls or SMS
    company operators, publicity crap, fake friends, corrupted politicians...... U name it !


    Advanced Call Recorder !

    Record Incoming or Outgoing Calls !

    Never miss or forget about something !

    The Call Recorder has built in EQUALIZER !

    • DO NOT DiSTURB !

    In the Do not Disturb mode u can set the device to be on Silent mode when receiving 
    SMS, MMS, CALLS or any other Notification !
    This means that in different moments like meetings, gatherings, movies, or dinner, whatsoever 
    U can set a time for Peace & Quiet, without worry anymore that the phone will ring......
    Also can be set a list with Favorite persons that are allowed to disturb......

    Mount ANY ISO DVD/CD Image File directly from uor device into any computer !
    NOTE: If uor sdcard is formated in FAT32 the maximum limit for ISO size will be under 4GB !
    Also on FAT32 is better to NOT use files bigger than 2GB !


    • NO Google **** PERSISTENT BAR !

    • IMEI


    Well i don't know how many of u are using the device device at night.
    but when do well the IPS OGS lcd screen it shows a very bright light and exposing uor eyes to this crap well we might end blind, because the crappy IPS OGS displays a very, very bright light and for looking into device in complete obscure/darkness it will ill uor eyes.
    And more on Android 5.1 thank's to Google, the screen is Flickering on low density !
     So if a another company don't care for such a (after my opinion) a very delicate true related to our health and care, some others do care.
    Here it is.
    FiX Abnormal IPS OGS Screen Brightness & Flickering !
    Protect Uor Eyes from creepy high exposed brightness
    Improve Battery with many %
    now u can use the device in obscure or night without forcing uor eyes anymore
    Conclusion:  RO.EDi's Alternative is Safer & Acceptable for our Eyes/Health !



    --> How to flash:

      0. How to use sp_flash_tool_v5.15201:

    NOTE: if U don't have already TWRP Recovery in uor device/phone than U must install one from SP.Flash.Tools before any other operation !!!!!!

    In "sp_flash_tool_v5.15201" see the JPEG screenshot's about how to EXACTLY proceed in order to NOT have a device BRiCK !

    NOTE: Please be sure to follow exactly as written, as i really do know why it must be this way and no other way !

    A: Be sure to have battery charged at 100% !
    B: Remove the battery from device, wait 2 minutes......, now connect cable to pc and to device too !
    C: Open the sp_flash_tool_v5.1520\flash_tool.exe  and select the scatter 
       ex:  "C:\ROFuSiON.v5_Lollipop.v5.1_Jiayu.2GB.BE\sp_flash_tool_v5.1520\MT6752_Android_scatter.txt" , select scatter as in JPEG !
    D: Be sure to select ALL the files, i mean ALL like preloader too, ALL must be selected in sp_flash_tool_v5.15201 !
    E: Select Firmware Upgrade  (look at JPEG ROFuSiON.v5_Lollipop.v5.1_arm64_sp.flash.tools.a.jpg)!
    F: Click on DOWNLOAD        (look at JPEG ROFuSiON.v5_Lollipop.v5.1_arm64_sp.flash.tools.a.jpg)!

    G: Before insert the battery into device be sure that the device will not move or shake during flash operation !
       Just because it will format the device and the preloader too, so if the device will be moved, touched or shaken
       it might brick it and the repair will require extra pacience and more steps to make !

    H: Insert battery into device...... the flash will start...... wait till flash complete !
    I: After flash operation complete...... disconect the cable...... remove battery...... !

    J: Wait 2 minutes highly important before reinsert the battery into device !
    K: After 2 minutes insert the battery and power on the device !
    L: Let the device boot to Stock Lollipop rom, play with it for couple of minutes, as the device needs to write down the full NVRAM !
    M: After let's say 10 minutes of play with stock rom...... power off the device......
    N: Remove battery...... wait another 2 minutes......
    O: Insert battery and Press Volume UP + Power to go to Recovery Mode !
    P: Now it is safe to install "ROFuSiON.v5_Lollipop.v5.1_Jiayu.2GB.BE.zip" !
    Q: Good luck !

    NOTE: After install an TWRP Recovery than u can use TWRP Recovery and install ROFuSiON RoM !!!!!!


    Full RW support for TWRP TeamWin Recovery !                                

    1. How to install RoM from TWRP Recovery v2.8.7.0:

    A: Copy file "ROFuSiON.v5_Lollipop.v5.1_Jiayu.2GB.BE.zip" to RooT of uor microSD card.
    B: iNSERT microSD card into phone.
    C: Press Volume UP + Power 
       AND DON'T LET GO OF THE BOTH KEYS FOR ABOUT 5 SEC til u are into a menu that is saying:
       Select Boot Mode:
       [VOLUME_UP to select, VOLUME_DOWN is OK]
     * [Recovery     Mode]      <<==        SELECT THIS ONE !!!!!!
       [Fastboot     Mode]
       [Normal       Mode]

    D: TWRP Recovery - select "Install"
    E: in the Upper menu chose zip from External Storage
    F: Browse and select file "ROFuSiON.v5_Lollipop.v5.1_Jiayu.2GB.BE.zip"  and do the  Swipe to Confirm Install.

    i: installation start's and u have to wait over 7 minutes till all is completed !!!!!!

    Enjoy iT......


    March 2016
    Duo of  Leek's of 
    (rev NOVEMBER 2015)
    ROFuSiON Project Jiayu 2GB BE Android 5.1
    The mentioned project is
    CLOSED ! 
    All Member's too !

    So don't bother anymore to send email !
    U already know the answer !

            Credit's to:

    • MediaTek & Google Thanked me for working on this project !
    • All the Honest Members of this project !
    • Blender, Google AOSP, DTS, DOLBY, MAXXAUDiO
    • TEAMWin, Cyanogenmod, Tuxera, Oracle, Jiayu BBS China
    • Ben Grubber, Connor Tumbleson, Carliv ROMANIA
    • Avast, Ant+, Asus, Micro Trend, Adblock plus

    These compilations are made by EDi and as usual it says
    NO VirusesNO MalwareNO TrojansNO RootkitsNO Spyware
    or any other shit invented by sick mind(s) are NOT here.
    This compilation is intended to HELP and Support The Real User, Novice, Advanced and PRO.......
    And not to be harm by unknown.
    tWEAKS + Speed + Settings + Compatibility + Stability + Compiled (by RO.EDi)