Jiayu 2GB BE


Jiayu 2GB BE !

KitKat v4.4.4 KTU84P 
(rev May 2015)
Stock Based


  • Unique world's 1'st (first) innovative RoM that combines both OS and post OS configuration
  • Advanced installation reduces by 90% OS post config user interaction
  • For both low & high end users, pro4all quality is assured directly from installation
  • It has vision and it will make u feel Real Good about it !
ROFuSiON takes care for U by self implementing the most common and most system os responsible settings and various configuration, by care and with knowledge already tested, these settings are being applied automatically for U.
This is Evolutionary and Till Common, Present Day it is The First One Who Does That !
......beyond comprehension

Second Phone  after Lenovo
and World's 1'st for KitKat v4.4.4

The MAY Edition Has
Please USE ONLY High Quality Headphones !
Also U Can Output sound to external amp !

  • De0dexed & Zipaligned
    • based / with the help from latest Android SDK
  • TWRP-Recovery
    • v2.8.4.0 - boot, nvram, recovery, system, data, cache, otg, sdcard's......
  • Boot
    • unsecured + ram tweaks
    • added SELinux permissive mode
    • NOTE: With or Without the zram0 & swap the device speed is the same !
  • BusyBox
    • stable latest February 2015
  • RooT
    • Superuser by CWM ( is incorporated by default in the rom )
      • superuser by cwm is the the single and only one who has zero timings on superuser command(s)
  • init.d
    • added support for run-parts aka init.d support
  • Link2SD
    • moving apps from internal memory to sdcard and vice versa (for advanced users)
    • uninstall system apps (requires reboot of device)
  • Total Commander ( Totalcmd ) + Plugins
    • the best file manager ever + extended plugins
    • Google Drive
    • FTP (file transfer)
    • WebDAV (Web folders)
    • SFTP
    • LAN (Windows shares)
  • OS eXtra Security Internet Safety Settings
    • Protection Against:
      • Adds, Popups & Nags
      • Adult websites & content
      • Automatic Redirection to Dangerous and Malicious Websites
      • Automatic Download of Malware Contain
      • Viewing of Untrusted and Vicious Websites with Bad Reputation
      • Data Theft from Uor Device by Certain Websites and Apps
    • Additional:
      • Browser is now much safer and much faster when page loading, surfer 
    • Protection of All Above is/are applied also when U are using the device in Thethering mode like USB to PC, WiFi and so on......
    • All devices that are receiving NET trough uor device will all be Protected......
  • Volume boost - enhancement's
    • in call volume
    • speakers 
    • playing audio, video content
  • OS self cleanup
    • OS Self cleaning trash on every OS boot
      • self cleaning means that u will not have logs the size of 10 MB - 200 MB
  • GPU SystemUI HW Rendering
    • draw UI 2D with GPU
    • Better UI Responsiveness, Touch Screen Responsiveness, Better App Interaction
    • minimize the battery usage since on CPU rendering eats a lot more
    • Improved UI General Speed
  • Battery Saver Tweaks & Mod's
    • ROFuSiON is the Best Battery Friendly RoM for Jiayu 2GB Basic Edition
    • Best Apps Code Tweaks For Optimal Battery Endurance
    • DeepSleep Mode (WiFi+4G+3G Data+BT+2 Sim Card All ON/Enabled)
      • 0.4% battery drain per hour
    • DeepSleep Mode (WiFi+4G+3G Data+BT All OFF/Disabled and with 2 Sim Cards,1x3G ON/Enabled)
      • 0.8% battery drain per hour
    • the % is not always accurate as the user, U might install battery hungry background running apps
    • i am investigating more this but requires more time available and free for it 
    • the battery drain may vary from one Rev to another !
  • Voice Sound Recorder Added 192 KBps Quality on Profile High
    • Default was 128 KBps 
  • Power Menu
    • Reboot to TWRP v2.8.4.0
    • Reboot to Safe Mode (Boot in Safe Mode, Fix Apps and OS Problems)
  • Expanded ROFuSiON v5 attributes to 90% aprox
    • more work for me and less for U

logo here 4 hevc / when available


  • Activated AAC 192 KBps for All Audio Profiles !
    • used to be up till 128 KBps !
  • Activated 48 kHz for All Audio Profiles !
  • Activated Full 100% Video Quality Compression !
    • used to be variable from 65% til 85% !
  • Force to Full 100% Foto Quality Compression !
    • jiayu default compression is already set to 100% !
    • except for the variables that where 75%, 85% and 95% !
  • Activated H.264 AVC Profile 5.1 for Video Decoding !
    • used to be up till 5.0 !
  • Increased thumbs transcondings to 100% quality !


Most Important:
Jiayu Has Multiple Settings Regarding Profiles,
for HD has Indoor, Outdoor & Normal Recordings 

Jiayu Defaults: The Maximum Video BitRate is up to 44 MBps !

 I Downgraded from eXcessive 44 mbs to variable and maxim to 21 mbs
Now why i did that ?!
Well The PRO user know this trick.
The Other users well it must be eXplained with details.

The BitRate is locked to maximum 44 mbps for AVC/H.264 and this ONLY can be good if it was an Professional Camera, but it isn't so and 44 mbps is just and only marketing specs !
Now recording with/on 44 mbps in 1080p with an crappy camera is NOT GOOD, Really Not Good ! Higher data input more than he really need brings no quality at all !
The high 44 mbps data is helping on fast scene with loot's of movements and action. That's all.
For a device MT6752 like Jiayu 2GB BE the rate of 44 mbps it is an abuse.                                   
Well i can make it to Record on/with 80 mbps or even 100 mbps ! But really it won't help U out there on quality, so when most people goes up to many mbps, i reduce them to their Normal and Real values ! 
FiNAL conclusion is that this device need the standard, the maximum 12 mbps to encode 
1080p avc/h.264 and this is
Only for the users who know about video encoding !

I don't expect and i really don't care for the ones who think otherwise to understand !
So by downgrade from not necessary 44 mbps to 21 mbps it will be the same quality and the main advantage will be the enormous gain in space usage and more minutes to record on whatever u record in there.
Basic aprox calculation based on 10 min recording with profile on FiNE 1080p:
 Jiayu 2GB Edition or MT6752 up to 44 mbs encoding with H.264/AVC & AAC 128 KBps
1 min = 360 MB 
10 min = 3600 MB Required Space for 10 min

 RO.EDi up to 21 mbs encoding with H.264/AVC & AAC 192 KBps
1 min = 160 MB 
10 min = 1600 MB Required Space for 10 min

Conclusion: gained 1600 MB of Free Space ! 

             Basic aprox calculation based on 10 min recording with profile on HiGH 720p:
 Jiayu 2GB Edition or MT6752 up to 18 mbs encoding with H.264/AVC & AAC 128 KBps
1 min = 140 MB 
10 min = 1400 MB Required Space for 10 min

 RO.EDi up to 12 mbs encoding with H.264/AVC & AAC 192 KBps
1 min = 100 MB 
10 min = 1000 MB Required Space for 10 min

Conclusion: gained 400 MB of Free Space !
PS: Jiayu has cut the HEVC / H.265 Profile from rom. So i can't enable HEVC......for now...... 

Best Recommendation is To Record Video ONLY with/on profile HiGH 720p !
Why well because:
A. The quality is BEST !
B. Extra space (more than TRIPLE) than 1080p !
C. Use ONLY the default camera from ROFuSiON !

NOTE: On/with Lollipop ROFuSiON V5 Project will have by default HEVC aka H.265 with/for
1080p = up to 10 mbs
720p = up to 7 mbs
why ?!
well the HEHC/H.265 codec is better than H.264 and it only needs HALF of the H.264 bandwith !
Translation = HEVC/H.265 Better Video Compression at Half the bitrate of H.264 !
So expect Bigger eXtra Free Space Available for Video Recording !
HEVC / H.265 is awesome !


Record Uor Favorite Radio, Theatre, Music, Shows. in HD Quality
I don't know how many of u are listen radio, and when do it happens to play like uor favorite 
theatre, show, music and so on........
RO.EDi's alternative is HD Quality for Radio and supported by
AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) + 48 kHz + 192 KBps well u do the math !

Basic aprox calculation based on 1 min recording

World's 1'st Rom that provide iMEi's Protection (for Sim 1 & Sim 2 in order to work)
iMEi Protection, on default install ROFuSiON rom from TWRP Recovery
ROFuSiON Rom is the Only One who provides IMEi Protection
when installing rom from Recovery

So no need to worry anymore for loosing Imei's after installing ROFuSiON Rom !
I can't say the same for other rom's out there !


DTS HD Sound is a comprehensive audio solution for mobile entertainment, delivering a combination of unsurpassed entertainment for audio and video. With DTS HD Sound, the device can be tuned for peak performance so consumers can enjoy an expanded stereo image and maximum volume from internal speakers and an immersive virtual surround sound experience over headphones. To complete the audio experience, post processing techniques are implemented to restore rich detail lost during the compression process, provide bass enhancement and to deliver maximum and level volume across content. 
SRS WOW HD improves the dynamic audio performance of compressed and uncompressed audio by expanding the size of the audio image and creating a deep, rich bass response. The patented techniques in SRS WOW HD widen the horizontal sound field and raise the vertical sound image, retrieving information lost in the mixing process to create a more natural audio experience.
DTS HD Sound Benefits:
  • Expands the sound image in both the horizontal and vertical planes beyond the physical speaker limitations.
  • Realistic placement of audio cues for immersive surround sound over headphones.
  • Restores audio cues lost during the compression process.
  • Optimized low frequency performance for better bass response.
  • Improved volume output delivering maximum volumes and consistent volumes across content without creating clipping or distortion.
  • Custom tuned to mobile device.
SRS WOW HD Features:
  • Stereo enhancement which improves dynamic audio performance.
  • Sculpted bass response for maximum thump on small speakers.
  • More natural audio with a wider sound field and raised sound image.
  • High-definition control for realistic clarity.
  • Center control for dynamic extraction and positioning of dialog.

Word's 1'st
KitKat v4.4.4

Dolby Atmos creates an amazing mobile headphone experience with breathtaking, 
moving audio sound that flows all around you.
  • Surround Virtualizer creates a surround sound experience through headphones or built-in speakers.
  • Dialogue Enhancer ensures that every word is heard.
  • Volume Leveler maintains constant volume across all content and applications.
  • Intelligent Equalizer dynamically adjusts the audio to achieve the tone you want.
  • Dolby Digital Pass-Through lets you connect your device directly to a home theater for a full surround sound experience.
  • Dolby Atmos Benefits:
  • Delivers amazing sound that transforms the mobile headphone experience
    • Sound seems to come from all directions, including overhead, with astonishing clarity, richness, power, and depth.
  • Puts sounds into motion above and around you
    • When you put on your headphones, the sounds of people, places, things, and music seem to move all around you, so you feel like you’re inside the action.
  • Creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience
    • It’s sound that excites your senses and inspires your emotions to deliver the full impact of entertainment.
NOTE: Dolby Atmos has a little tiny bug, that sometime occurs by FC the app 
when playing with the onscreen 20 bands equalizer parameters !
When FC the app will restart by itself and will be running properly ! 
That's all in REST is 100% Functional !

Well i don't know how many of u are using the device device at night.
but when do well the IPS OGS lcd screen it shows a very bright light and exposing uor eyes to this crap well we might end blind, because the crappy IPS OGS displays a very, very bright light and for looking into device in complete obscure/darkness it will ill uor eyes.

So if a another company don't care for such a (after my opinion) a very delicate true related to our health and care, some others do care.
Here it is.
FiX Abnormal IPS OGS Screen Brightness
Protect Uor Eyes from creepy high exposed brightness
Improve Battery with many %
now u can use the device in obscure or night without forcing uor eyes anymore
Basic aprox calculation based on using the device in obscure environment or into the night:
 Jiayu 2GB Basic Edition or MT6752 or Default Any Other IPS LCD AUTO Brightness Settings
         without charger = warning ! creepy high dangerous value (will ill our eyes) 
             with charger = warning ! creepy high dangerous value (will ill our eyes)
RO.EDi alternative
without charger = reduced by 51%
    with charger = reduced by 66%

Conclusion:  RO.EDi's Alternative is Safer & Acceptable for our Eyes/Health


Since version S3W 20150325-102656
The Jiayu has Deleted the Lock & Unlock scenes !
It was because the app itself "SysMarket_offline_noicon.apk" has Trojan / Virus in it !
I email to Jiayu since March, telling them about the problem with that app !
Anyway the Jiayu has removed entirely the app from it's firmwares !
Jiayu have could clean up that app as the Lock & Unlock it is a great, great app !
But Jiayu didn't do it and they deleted, saying that if someone like's it, then it has to go get it by itself !
So i took action again to this app and here are the results of what i did !

A. Destroyed the self-defense app code mechanism !
B. Entirely Deleted / Removed the Virus / Trojan code !
C. Removed eXtra Baidu and other Codes !

Now the app is 100% CLEANED & SAFE by ro.edi !

i already mail the app to Jiayu to include it in possible Future Rom's !

In the Do not Disturb mode u can set the device to be on Silent mode when receiving 
SMS, MMS, CALLS or any other Notification !
This means that in different moments like meetings, gatherings, movies, or dinner, whatsoever 
U can set a time for Peace & Quiet, without worry anymore that the phone will ring......
Also can be set a list with Favorite persons that are allowed to disturb......

Select an Block List with Unwanted Calls !

Mount ANY ISO DVD/CD Image File directly from uor device into any computer !
NOTE: If uor sdcard is formated in FAT32 the maximum limit for ISO size will be under 4GB !
Also on FAT32 is better to NOT use files bigger than 2GB !

Mount USB HDD or STiCK PEN's formated in exFAT or NTFS !
NOTE: Ignore the default Jiayu Android Firmware when saying for exFAT & NTFS "Blank USB Pen"
USE ONLY Mount & Unmount from ROFuSiON Menu or as shown as above in screenshot !

Screen Recording might be in help when U want to prove something, present something
or just amaze uor friends !


This is the Best way to configure the StartUp app's !


A. Ooops Please select the Download Manager 
as without on every start up it will reappear the downloads notification !

B. Also Please select too the Dolby Atmos ! 


 0. How to Install TWRP Recovery:
A. if U don't have already TWRP Recovery in uor device/phone than
     U must install one from SP.Flash.Tools before any other operation !!!!!!

B. After install an TWRP Recovery than u can use TWRP Recovery and install ROFuSiON RoM !!!!!!

Be SURE TO HAVE AT LEAST 60% Battery Power before start this ! 

  1. How to install RoM from TWRP Recovery v2.8.4.0:
A: Copy file "ROFuSiON.v5_KitKat.v4.4.4_Jiayu.2GB.BE.zip" to RooT of uor microSD card.
B: iNSERT microSD card into phone.
C. Press Volume UP + Power 
   AND DON'T LET GO OF THE BOTH KEYS FOR ABOUT 5 SEC til u are into a menu that is saying:
   Select Boot Mode:
    [VOLUME_UP to selectVOLUME_DOWN is OK]
 * [Recovery    Mode]      <<==        SELECT THIS ONE !!!!!!
    [Fastboot     Mode]
    [Normal       Mode]

D. TWRP Recovery - select "Install"
E: in the Upper menu chose zip from External Storage
F: Browse and select file ROFuSiON.v5_KitKat.v4.4.4_Jiayu.2GB.BE.zip
G: Swipe to Confirm Flash.

i: installation start's and u have to wait over 2 minutes till all is completed !!!!!!

PS. The ROFuSiON is self auto, so DON'T do wipe or clean, because he is doing all Automatically !

Enjoy iT......

Please Remember:
 NO DOWNLOAD links or references for/in
Hidden or not hidden websites/forums, 
Logged on/off Forums/Websites !

Already stated from project ThL W100, rom ROFuSiON v1.1
started from it my work will not be anymore free for all, 
as i am really tired of persons that don't respect other persons, regarding a good & trusted job, 
countless hours spending on improve, innovate, add stability, tweak, test, more testings, 
even more testings......
Many they don't care about those, they just want to have that's all !
Well ROFuSiON ain't anymore free and for all !

Since i am NOT depending for live from my projects, i have made some choices......
I am not sharing anymore my work, except in the form of donation only !
Why i do that, well the main reason is for me to secure my device, as when testing
flash, other things too, it can happen to brick the device, and this will end for me bad, as happen in the past, but everyone's else devices, who used my work where at post, safe !
So i am NOT experimenting anymore for all for free, risking to get another brick !
And second thing is that i am tired of persons that think can own other persons !
Thank U for understanding !

Banned and Restricted Countries - No Donation Accepted
Reason: Sharing License Policy Not Respected starting from ThL W100 Project !
A: Hungary
B: Spain 
C: Italy 2x Times
D: Brazil
E: Portugal
F: Czech (for very, very bad language)
G: Germany
H: Russia (for leeks)
I: Bulgaria

If U are NOT agree with this Project Policy !  
Please STOP here and LEAVE from this blog !

Due of disrespectful agreements
has been
Closed & Deleted !

These compilations are made by EDi and as usual it says
NO VirusesNO MallwareNO TrojansNO RootkitsNO Spyware
or any other shit invented by sick mind(s) are NOT here.
This compilation is intended to HELP and Support The Real User, Novice, Advanced and PRO.......
And not to be harm by unknown.
tWEAKS + Speed + Settings + Compatibility + Stability + Compiled (by RO.EDi)