ThL W100

ThL W100
Jelly Bean 4.2.2 JDQ39
1'st Android 4.2.2 Rom for an ThL Device !
Rev29 (June 2014)

  • Unique world's 1'st (first) innovative PE USB Live BooT that combines both OS and post OS configuration.
  • Advanced configuration reduces by 90% OS post config user interaction.
  • For both low & high end users, pro4all quality is assured directly from it.
  • It has vision and it will make u feel Real Good about it !
ROFuSiON takes care for U by self implementing the most common and most system os responsible settings and various configuration, by care and with knowledge already tested, these settings are being applied automatically for U.
This is Evolutionary and Till Common, Present Day it is The First One Who Does That !

ROFuSiON ......beyond comprehension     

  • De0dexed & Zipaligned
  • CWM-Recovery
    • v6.0.4.0 - (build 10-January-2014) Simple, Clean, Fast, Stable, Powerful, Elegant
      • 1'st CWM-Recovery Fully Compatible with All ThL W100 Revisions
  • Boot
    • unsecured + ram tweaks
  • BusyBox
    • stable latest January 2014
  • RooT
    • with the best Superuser by CWM (November latest version)
      • superuser by cwm is the the single and only one who has zero timings on superuser command(s)
  • Link2SD
    • moving apps from internal memory to sdcard and vice versa (for advanced users)
    • uninstall system apps (requires reboot of device)
  • Total Commander + Plugins
    • the best file manager ever + extended plugins
    • Google Drive (connects to Google Drive account directly from Total Commander)
    • FTP (file transfer)
    • WebDAV (Web folders)
    • SFTP
    • LAN (Windows shares)
  • OS eXtra Security Internet Safety Settings
    • Protection Against:
      • Adds, Popups & Nags
      • Automatic Redirection to Dangerous and Malicious Websites
      • Automatic Download of Malware Contain
      • Viewing of Untrusted and Vicious Websites with Bad Reputation
      • Data Theft from Uor Device by Certain Websites and Apps
    • Additional:
      • Browser is now much safer and much faster when page loading, surfer
    • Protection of All Above is/are applied also when U are using the device in Thethering mode like USB to PC, WiFi and so on......
    • All devices that are receiving NET trough uor device will all be Protected......
  • Adobe Flash Player v11.1.115.81
    • required for flash animations on websites
    • strongly recommended to use the Default Stock Browser since is the best
  • Improved performance
    • wifi, umts, hspa, hsdpa
  • Volume boost - enhancement's
    • in call volume
    •  playing audio, video content
  • GPS + aGPS + EPO speed positioning fix
    • Auto Download & Regular Updates All GPS Files when connected to Net (3G, WiFi)
      • implemented the settings so that u don't have to do it !
  • All Sensors Calibration Fix
    • Proximity Sensor - Implementation Fix
    • Accelerometer Sensor - Implementation Fix
    • Light Sensor - Implementation Fix
    • Magnetic Field Sensor - Implementation Fix
      • implemented the settings so that u don't have to do it !
  • Kernel aditional tweaks
  • OS self cleanup
    • OS Self cleaning trash on every OS boot
      • self cleaning means that u will not have logs the size of 10 MB - 200 MB
  • Swype
  • Updated All Coms (Modem)
  • Updated GPU drivers
    •  EGL drivers updated based on JB 4.2.2
    • OpenCL v1.1 - optional drivers included (read description file for OpenCL drivers)
  • GPU SystemUI HW Rendering
    • draw UI 2D with GPU
    • Better UI Responsiveness
    • Boosted Touch Screen Responsiveness
    • Better App Interaction
    • Better On Screen Draw (Fotos, Text, Docs, Web.....and so on....... )
    • minimize the battery usage since on CPU rendering eats a lot more
    • Improved UI General Speed
  • LED Notification(s)
    • sms, mms, call, mail ......
    • viber, facebook, what's up, yahoo......
  • Dalvik VM Tweaks
  • Battery Saver Tweaks & Mod's
    • ROFuSiON is the Best Battery Friendly RoM for ThL W100
    • Best Apps Code Tweaks For Optimal Battery Endurance
    • DeepSleep Mode (WiFi+3G Data+BT+2 Sim Card All ON/Enabled)
      • 0.55% battery drain per hour
    • DeepSleep Mode (WiFi+3G Data+BT All OFF/Disabled and with 2 Sim Cards,1x3G ON/Enabled)
      • 0.16% battery drain per hour
    • the % is not always accurate as the user, U might install battery hungry background running apps
    • i am investigating more this but requires more time available and free for it 
    • the battery drain may vary from one Rev to another ! 
  • Voice Sound Recorder Added 192 KBps Quality on Profile High
    • Default was 128 KBps 
  • Power Menu
    • Reboot to CWM v6.0.4.0
    • Reboot to Safe Mode (Boot in Safe Mode, Fix Apps and OS Problems)
  • Added Avast The Best Mobile Protection for Android + AntiVirus
    • The Best Firewall In The World for market apps or unknown apps
    • Control and Block Unknown Apps that spy uor device for contacts, mail, who tracks uor gps
    • Protect Our Privacy
  • Remodeling
    • new visual eye candy one of the simple & best looking OS !
    • Status Bar (Semi-Transparent)
    • Apps Menu (Semi-Transparent)
    • Quick Toggles (Semi-Transparent)
    • Status Bar Expanded (Semi-Transparent)
    • Sim (Auto Hide the Nag Empty Sim From Status Bar if is Not Present)
  • Added Wallpapers
    • pack of 25 selected wallpapers
  • Expanded ROFuSiON v2 attributes to 90% aprox
    • more work for me and less for U
  • Improved Installation Setup Speed up to 40% Faster over JB 4.2.1 !
    • thanks to jelly bean 4.2.2 for that


  • Activated H264 AVC Codec Video Recording for FiNE and For All Profiles !
    • RO.EDi Highly Recommends To Record From Now Only With Profile FiNE !
  • Activated AVCLevel 4.1
  • Activated AAC 192 KBs for All Audio Profiles ! 
  • Activated 48000 Hz for All Audio Profiles !
  • Activated Full 100% Image Quality Code for Default Image Quality Video & Foto
  • Activated x4 core for video rendering (on default gallery) !
  • Increased thumbs transcondings to 100% quality !
  • Continuous Auto focus in Video Recordings !






  •  JELLY BEAN + ThL W100


Profile FINE 


Profile HIGH


Most Important:
The Video BitRate i Downgraded from eXcessive 25 mbs to variable and maxim to 8 mbs
Now why i did that ?!
Well The PRO user know this trick.
The Other users well it must be eXplained with details.

The Kernel is locked to 25 mbs and this is good since are few devices that can handle this
incredible high rate !
But  25 mbs does not mean the quality is equal, higher data input more than he really need brings no quality at all.
The high 25 mbs data is helping on fast scene with loot's of movements and action. that's all.
For a device MT6589 like ThL W100 with kernel locked picture detail, locked by default to minimize the quality for end users and to use an 25 mbs encode well it is an abuse.
FiNAL conclusion is that this device need at maximum 6 mbs to encode avc and this is
Only for the users who know about video encoding !

I don't expect and i really don't care for the ones who think otherwise to understand !
So by downgrade from not necessary 25 mbs to more than enough 8 mbs it will be the same quality and the main advantage will be the enormous gain in space usage and more minutes to record on whatever u record in there.
Basic aprox calculation based on 10 min recording with profile on FiNE:
 ThL or MT6589 Default 25 mbs encoding with codec H.263
1 min = 200 MB 
10 min = 2 GB Required Space for 10 min

RO.EDi variable encoding to maximum 8 mbs with codec H.264/AVC (advanced video codec)
1 min = 60 MB 
10 min = 600 MB Required Space for 10 min

Conclusion: gained 1400 MB of Free Space and video quality now is H.264/AVC ! 

  • HD Radio - FM / AM Record by RO.EDi 

Record Uor Favorite Radio, Theatre, Music, Shows. in HD Quality

 Jelly Bean Default 

HD Quality
World's First
Jelly Bean 
RADIO AM / FM Modding
by RO.EDi

I don't know how many of u are listen radio, and when do it happens to play like uor favorite 
theatre, show, music and so on........
Well the Default Jelly Bean and any other Android OS is recording Radio with 
and only crappy quality like 32.000 Hz and more crappy 12.000 KBps and this is garbage !

Now RO.EDi's alternative is HD Quality for Radio and supported by
48.000 Hz + 192.000 KBps well u do the math !

Basic aprox calculation based on 1 min recording:
 ThL or MT6589 or Default Jelly Bean or Default Any Other Android OS encoding
  1 min = 100 kb  (0.10 mb)
quality = 32.000 Hz + 12.000 KBps

RO.EDi alternative HD Quality Recording
  1 min = 1410 kb  (1.41 mb)
quality = 48.000 Hz + 192.000 KBps

Conclusion:  RO.EDi's Alternative HD Quality Radio Recording  is The Best

  • ThL W100 World's First Mods For Audio
DTS Sound is a comprehensive audio solution for mobile entertainment, delivering a combination of unsurpassed entertainment for audio and video. With DTS Sound, the device can be tuned for peak performance so consumers can enjoy an expanded stereo image and maximum volume from internal speakers and an immersive virtual surround sound experience over headphones. To complete the audio experience, post processing techniques are implemented to restore rich detail lost during the compression process, provide bass enhancement and to deliver maximum and level volume across content.
DTS Sound Benefits:
  • Expands the sound image in both the horizontal and vertical planes beyond the physical speaker limitations.
  • Realistic placement of audio cues for immersive surround sound over headphones.
  • Restores audio cues lost during the compression process.
  • Optimized low frequency performance for better bass response.
  • Improved volume output delivering maximum volumes and consistent volumes across content without creating clipping or distortion.
  • Custom tuned to mobile device (DTS expert engineering support). 
          NOTE: DTS Sound will affect any sound, like CALL, FM RADIO, MUSIC, VIDEO, YOUTUBE and so on.

  • FiX Abnormal IPS LCD AUTO Screen Brightness
Well i don't know how many of u are using the device thl w100 at night.
but when do well the IPS lcd screen it shows a very bright light and exposing uor eyes to this crap well we might end blind, because the crappy IPS displays a very, very bright light and for looking into device in complete obscure/darkness it will ill uor eyes.

So if a company don't care for such a (after my opinion) a very delicate true
related to our health and care, some others do care.
Here it is.
FiX Abnormal IPS Screen Brightness
Protect Uor Eyes from creepy high exposed brightness
Improve Battery with many %
now u can use the device in obscure or night without forcing uor eyes anymore
Basic aprox calculation based on using the device in obscure environment or into the night:
 ThL or MT6589 or Default Any Other IPS LCD AUTO Brightness Settings
         without charger = warning ! creepy high dangerous value (will ill our eyes) 
             with charger = warning ! creepy high dangerous value (will ill our eyes)
RO.EDi alternative
without charger = reduced by 25%
    with charger = reduced by 62%

Conclusion:  RO.EDi's Alternative is Safer & Acceptable for our Eyes/Health
  • ROFuSiON - Better Apps Manager
ROFuSiON - Better Apps Manager

As can been seen the following apps have been moved (hidden) in Launcher
Backup and Restore
Shortcuts qwidget
Switch Launcher
Call Recorder
Fake Call and Sms
Adobe Flash Player Settings
Reason: some are less used and of importance so in Settings are to find them all

apps details:
Backup and Restore (Apps, Contacts, Pictures, Calendar, Messages, Music, Bookmarks)
Shortcuts qwidget (Add on Extended Status Bar shortcuts as Widgets, Apps, Music, Bookmarks)
CWM-Superuser (the best Superuser by CWM with 0-zero timings access ) 

Theme ( Enjoy 6 ROFuSiON Only Themes )
Switch Launcher ( Needed for switch between Default and Interactive Launcher's )
Scene ( Enjoy 4 Themes for Interactive Launcher )

Call Recorder (record all calls made, in, out, very useful if u are forgetting about things )
Fake Call and Sms (simulates an incoming call, sms by helping u around )
Adobe Flash Player Settings (as the name suggest sets the flash player )

  • Up to 5 Multi Users Experience
5 different users each one with his own personalization desktop look, settings, apps

  • ROFuSiON - Startup Manager
ROFuSiON Startup Manager

Helps U to quick Enable or Disable Startup App(s)
Only for Advanced User

  • ROFuSiON - Voice Call Rejector 

ROFuSiON Voice & Video Call Rejector

Block Incoming, Unwanted Calls

  • ROFuSiON - Proximity Sensor Calibration
NOTE: ROFuSiON is already set up by incorporate, already from install from cwm recovery
 the above setting so that U don't need it to set it up, anyway here it is just in case !

  • ROFuSiON - G-Sensor Calibration
NOTE: ROFuSiON is already set up by incorporate, already from install from cwm recovery
 the above setting so that U don't need it to set it up, anyway here it is just in case !

  • ROFuSiON - Additional Volume Sliders
ROFuSiON Additional Volume Sliders
Enjoy more Volume Sliders as
Master + Alarm + Media + Notifications + Ringer + Voice
ONLY Available from Rev27 and UP !

  • ROFuSiON - ISO Mount

Mount any ISO (cd,dvd iso image files)
directly from Android
into Windows XP, 7, 8
NOTE: put any ISO image file to uor SD Micro Card,
 and 2 (double) clicks on ISO file from Android Total Commander (file manager)
now in windows xp,7,8 it will appear an extra cd drive unit with the mounted iso
ONLY Available from Rev25 and UP !

  • ROFuSiON - QWidget Shortcuts

ROFuSiON QWidget Shortcuts

NOTE: now are available the AUTO SYNC and LOCATION and
can nowbe utilized directly from Extended Status Bar
ONLY Available from Rev27 and UP !

  • ROFuSiON - Quick Apps Shortcut's
ROFuSiON Quick Apps Shortcut's

Helps U to quick Add,Delete or Change a Shortcut
from Extended Status Bar
NOTE: in order for the icons to stay there after reboot's u must do
a. select an icon then
b. long press on the already selected icon till appear change/delete
c. select Change and Reselect again the same Icon
d. now do the same a+b+c for the Icons u want to have and stay and not erased after Reboot's
ONLY Available from Rev25 and UP !

  • ROFuSiON eXtra Themes
NOTE: Themes Are Now Incorporated by Default in ROFuSiON
One of the most Difficult implementation was to bring themes compatibility to JB 4.2.2 !!!!!!
done it by ro.edi
ONLY Available from Rev20 and UP !

  • ROFuSiON 3D Animated Interactive Scenes
MT6589 World's First
3D Animated Interactive Scenes
by RO.EDi
Be ready for 3D interactive Scene right on from uor desktop !
Discover a new side of Theming !
ONLY Available from Rev21 and UP !

  • ROFuSiON - Additional Themes
ROFuSiON Additional Themes
Enjoy more themes as
Mint, Mocha and Raspberry
ONLY Available from Rev27 and UP !

  • ROFuSiON - Visual Battery
ROFuSiON Visual Battery

Quick change battery visual style and look
 Choose from 7 different styles
ONLY Available from Rev27 and UP !

  • ROFuSiON - Led Notification(s)

ROFuSiON Led Notificatio(s)

Enjoy Led Notification(s) for Uor Call, Sms, Mail, Reminder, 
Facebook, Viber, What's up and so on.....
NOTE: here is how i set up the led to do......

a. on for 2 sec
b. off for 4 sec
c. a+b,loop

on battery warning when battery level is 15% i set it up as

a. on for 2 sec
 b. off for 1min
c. a+b,loop
NOTE: as from Rev26 the Led Notificatin(s) has been finally fixed once and for all
so no more errors when some time the led stayed on and required a reboot for it to work
The ROFuSiON is the 1'st Rom that support the Led Notification(s)
ONLY Available from Rev26 and UP !

  •   internet WiFi/3G Data Real Status Speed

 a. NOT Connected (without)

b. YES Connected (with)
                      the values are displayed in Mb/s, Kb/s and B/s

  • World's First ThL W100 - OTA Update 
 Well it's about time i might add so......
RO.EDi proudly presents 
World's First WiFi/3G OTA Update for ThL W100

  • ROFuSiON
  • MTK Eng + Droid Eng + FuLL Developers Menu

  •  Reboot to Safe Mode & Recovery
Reboot to Android Safe Mode
Allows you to boot up your device with only the core preloaded applications running. Meaning any apps you’ve downloaded won’t be running. The benefit of Safe Mode is that it allows you to correct issues caused by a defective or corrupt apps.
Here’s what you need to know about Android Safe Mode.

When to use

With the Android platform featuring the loose controls that open-sourced dictates, occasionally an app can cause your device to become defective. This can be really annoying as it could mean that you’re unable to get your device to turn on fully so you can delete the app. When this happens, most people would think of hard resetting the device and losing all their data.
Safe Mode means you don’t need to do this as it only loads the preloaded applications; essentially it puts your phone back to factory settings and applications without deleting any of your data or media.

  • CWM-Recovery v6.0.4.0

  • Build Only with Languages Below:
As can be seen from ROFuSiON V2 and futures build's there will be no more support for country's that has disrespected or will disrespect the sharing agreement license.
So no more Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese or Czech languages in any of my build.
Thank u for understanding !

  •        And many, many other(s) discover by uorself......
    • PS. The complete list of wonders is not here because it is bigger than the whole page.......


Banned and Restricted Countries - No Donation Accepted
Reason: Sharing License Policy Not Respected !
A: Hungary
B: Spain 
C: Italy
D: Brazil
E: Portugal
F: Czech (for very, very bad language)


Project Discontinued !
Reason: Device Broken !

These compilations are made by EDi and as usual it says
NO VirusesNO MalwareNO TrojansNO RootkitsNO Spyware
or any other shit invented by sick mind(s) are NOT here.
This compilation is intended to HELP and Support The Real User, Novice, Advanced and PRO.......
And not to be harm by unknown.
tWEAKS + Speed + Settings + Compatibility + Stability + Compiled (by RO.EDi)