Software Pack 
32 bit & 64 bit 
rev October 2017 

  • Unique world's 1'st (first) innovative Freemium Pack that combines The Best Apps !
  • Advanced configuration reduces by 90% OS post config user interaction.
  • For both low & high end users, pro4all quality is assured directly from it.
  • It has vision and it will make u feel Real Good about it !
ROFuSiON takes care for U by self implementing the most common and most system os responsible settings and various configuration, by care and with knowledge already tested, these settings are being applied automatically for U.
This is Evolutionary and Till Common, Present Day it is The First One Who Does That !

ROFuSiON ......beyond comprehension     

How To Bypass the Embarrassing UAC !
My Personal CA Trusted Certificate !

The Certificate starting from month June 2016 will be used for All ROFuSiON Project's !

It is a win win situation,
since a code signing certificate can costs hundreds of dollars !

Special Notes:
All software included in this pack are the Original & Valid ones !
All software are with their own Original & Valid license certificate !
No BiT modification has been made to *.exe, *.dll or any other file !
NO Patch, mod, crack or any other file tempering are in this Software Pack !

a.  Only mod by myself is the Internet Download Manager - Trial Reset ! 
-  the trial reset it will NOT made modification to IDM Internal's file, as this / that will
be illegal and  bad for ROFuSiON image !
The IDM Trial Reset will modify ONLY the Windows Registry 
(that can Legally be modified by the user till a certain point)
Anyway as already stated,  
if U like IDM (Internet Download Manager) then U can buy it from it's developers !
Please NOTE that if You do like a software here like
IrfanView,  7-Zip,  Media Player Classic Home Cinema,  PhotoFiltre,  Firefox,  BurnAware,  MKV Toolnix,
 XMedia Recode, NoteTab++,  Inno Setup,  Inno Setup Studio,  WinRar,  Total Commander,
Totalcmd plugins authors *ace helper, adb, nt-events, registry*...... and so on
Then Please consider a Donation for their respective work !

As without them Your PC will be just a piece of  HW without SW !
To make a Donation, search the program name, for Author, try to contact him !

ex: to make a donation to the 7-Zip author, go to, contact the 7-Zip Author !
       or to donate for IrfanView go to, contact the IrfanView Author !

       The same way can be done to contact Author(s) of another(s) program(s) !

Thank U 4 Understanding !

Places of use !
  • Schools, Govern & Public Institutions, Learning Groups, Media and so on !

Compatible with:
               x32 = XPSP3 / 7  / 10.x
x64 = 7  / 10.x

Don't worry if U have a 32bit OS, the installer will install 32bit applications !
If U have 64bit OS, the installer will auto select and install the 64bit apps !

            Packed =   744 MB                  
           32bit = 14xx MB Unpacked
           64bit = 17xx MB Unpacked

ROFuSiON Pack October 2017

Special Note:
SHA256:  34ab92cc2631ddf97eafb3318e98294f1c2184fadfb6f45837ffe9d0182ba574

NOTE: Here Are Only Legal & Free Software !

These compilations are made by EDi and as usual it says
NO VirusesNO MalwareNO TrojansNO RootkitsNO Spyware
or any other shit invented by sick mind(s) are NOT here.
This compilation is intended to HELP and Support The Real User, Novice, Advanced and PRO.......
And not to be harm by unknown.
tWEAKS + Speed + Settings + Compatibility + Stability + Compiled (by RO.EDi)